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GreenwoodGardensSometimes, when the sun is out and the day is long, you want to spend a beautiful afternoon in the out of doors. At such times, it’s nice to peruse a fancy garden with the octogenarian crowd. And that’s just what I did on Sunday at Greenwood Gardens. Opening day was this past weekend.

There were so many people with that very idea, that you had to park your automobile at a nearby school and they shuttled you via bus to the entrance. One imagines that the rush of visitors was due to the long absence of the park to the populace, but I’m inclined to believe it was because the entrance fee was waived so we were free to explore the lush grounds without pulling out our billfolds. At any rate, that was the main reason for my recent visit.

I was delighted to find such beautiful grounds so close to home. My collage above suggests something of what you’ll find. Butterflies, however, are not included in the tour.


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