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This weekend Rid and I trekked out to Far Hills, NJ for the VNA rummage sale. Not rubbish sale. Rummage. Although to be fair, a lot of it was a total pile of shite.

Despite the odds, Rid and I managed to make 3 trips to the car with stuff. We bought the. most. random. stuff.  Including:

  • 3 versions of trivial pursuit. If another Hurricane Sandy hits and we have no power for days, we’re ready
  • 1 game called Movie Mania which might be utter crap but it was $1 so we’ll give it a shot
  • 1 Seinfeld Scene It game. I had to. It was there. It might be the only trivia game where I can kick Ridley’s butt
  • 7 books
  • 2 pairs of earrings (brand new)
  • 2 yards of fabric
  • 3 nerf guns (this was not my idea)
  • a pair of white gloves (costumey variety)
  • wrapping paper and tracing paper
  • random art supplies

All in all I’d say we came out winners. Unfortunately, our house is the loser in this scenario. Since we have limited space and all this new stuff has no where to go, it’s sitting on the living room floor. House Beautiful won’t be calling anytime soon.


So, it’s off to the deck for a post shopping glass of wine with a bit of trivia thrown in.

Ridley won by a landslide.


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