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BennetCollage1Working in collage is a lesson in patience – at least the way I’m doing it. This is portrait of my dog that I’m making with squares of magazine images. The images are cut up into such small pieces that they don’t actually represent anything other than a color and some texture. I enjoy breaking them down and using them for something other than advertising.

The process is long though – the ears took me about 2 hours to cut and glue. There are a lot of decisions you have to make when you’re doing this – which color, which angle, will this piece show the contour of the dog.

Having said all that, I look at this kind of work as a meditation of sorts. I listen to podcasts or radio, and I can sit there for hours working with these tiny pieces of paper.

Until I cough.

This is a more abstract piece that I did using the same method. I was thinking about maps at the time which is why the image kind of looks like one.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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