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TosserPillocksmallJust fill in the blank. I know there is someone in your life right now that you would like to say that to. Is it your stupid co-worker? The garbage man who refuses to put the lid back on the can? Even after you asked him politely. The check out person that put your bananas on the bottom of the grocery bag? I mean, come on, who does that?!?! Isn’t that bagging groceries 101?

These acrylic on board paintings are all done by hand and can be customized to your favorite colors and swear words. I have so many favorite British curse words, I had a hard time paring it down to just seven.






This painting (despite the horribly glarey photograph) was quite popular over Christmas. That holiday conjures up the perfect storm of uncontrollable joy and impenetrable seething hatred.

This painting is perfect in the kitchen for when the rice boils over or you’ve burned the roast, or spilled the milk or, well, there’s too many reasons to list here. You get the drift.

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