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London BusSmallIt’s no secret that I’m slightly obsessed with all things British. I can’t quite put my finger on why – I’m sure there are myriad reasons. The design sensibilities, the pageantry (and how some people love it and hate it), the pub culture, the music, the sense of humor,the vocabulary, oh my god the VOCABULARY! There are so many things. I could keep going but this will be the longest blog in the world.

I fell in love with London and in London and it will always have a special place in my heart.

And I LOVE riding on the top of a double decker bus. If you’re lucky to get in the front seat upstairs, it’s the best way to see the city. I don’t know how those drivers manage to get around those tiny streets in that monster of a vehicle. And I cringe with the cyclists and pedestrians because I feel certain someone is going to get hit. But no. No one has. Not on my watch anyway. It’s not that I’m upset by that. Did I sound upset? I didn’t mean to. :o)

This collage is available at The Sugar House Bakery and Boutique in Garwood, NJ


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