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WorkInProgressBlackCabI get to a point in every collage where I think, ‘maybe, this piece doesn’t actually look like the thing that I’m trying to represent.’ And I have to stop and set it up far away from me and look. And then I think, ‘maybe I shouldn’t even bother to continue with this,’ because the self doubt always like to overwhelm the soul. So then I go to bed and look at it the next day and think, ‘oh all right, I’ll do a bit more.’ And then, at that point, the obsession begins. And it’s like I can’t stop doing the collage until it’s all done and my back hurts and my eyes are falling out of their sockets and I’ve run out of podcasts and radio to listen to and I think run on sentences are no biggie and then I’m done. And the self doubt kicks in again. But only for a little bit. Because I usually like these things.

Right now, I’m at the stopping and setting up far away to look at stage of the process. Back ache to come.

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