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Ah the tin of beans. It’s as English as a dollop of clotted cream. It’s in every standard government issue English breakfast. And not so standard. It’s great on toast and it pairs rather marvelously with sausage and mash. And mushy peas. And with chips. Beans are good people. I love them. Ooh, have you ever had them on a jacket potato with cheese? Do try it. I promise. It’s really nice.

I love that scene in A Fish Called Wanda when Otto is trying to get Ken to tell him about the key and he’s eating a plate of chips. He says, “The chip. The English contribution to world cuisine.” There’s a lot of truth to that but I also think he could have substituted ‘the baked bean’ and we all would have understood completely.

One funny thing is that I’ve heard rather a few English people tell me about the time they found out that Heinz was an…wait for it…an AMERICAN COMPANY! GASP! SHOCK HORROR! Their beloved beans were produced in…the…COLONIES!?!?! How on earth is that possible.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating but the sentiment was the same.

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