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R2D2smallI felt with all my geeky self that I simply had to do R2D2. I saw the movie when I was about 4 years old. It was my brothers 8th birthday party and the theater was packed. I know this because my mom loves to tell this story. All the boys wanted to see a movie about an orca whale but my mom held firm. “No, you’re going to love this,” she said. And she wasn’t wrong. The boys were rapt from minute one.

The movie was so crowded that I had to sit on my mom’s lap. I probably fell asleep during the movie but I do remember being there.

Years later I was working with a guy who said to me, “I wish I was alive when the first Star Wars came out.” What could I do? I had to punch him in the face for making me feel so unbelievably old!

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