Gort and Sophie

By chrissy|July 24, 2015|Art, Blog|0 comments

I took theGortse portraits to thSophieeir new home yesterday and I decided to bring my dog Bennet with me because it was such a nice day and she’d been cooped up in the house for a while. I’ve done this before and we’ve never had a problem.

Well, yesterday was a different day. I went to ring the doorbell, met the owner and her two sweet puppies, shut the door and I showed her the work. The next thing we know, the front door is open and Bennet is rushing into the house! I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. She jumped out of the car window and nosed her way in! What a cheeky puppy! Luckily, the owner is just as much of a crazy dog person as I am and she didn’t mind in the least.

Needless to say I will only be opening the windows *a little* in the future. Lesson learned.

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