British Pop Art

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I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with Britain. It started with the language. The accent is great to be sure but I just love their vocabulary! That particular joy started young as I remember how much I loved reading Roald Dahl as a kid. And when I got a bit older, Jane Austen made her way into my repertoire. In high school, I remember watching Absolutely Fabulous

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Tuscany in Collage

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I’m so excited to say that my work, along with Cat Delett, will be hanging in Gallery 103 in Maplewood NJ for the month of March. It is a series of work created from our trip to Tuscany this past summer. The opening is Thursday March 3rd from 7-9. If you’d like to see the show outside of gallery hours, just let me know.

Bizarre Bazaar

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Once again, I’m excited to be a part of the Bizarre Bazaar tradition in Maplewood, NJ. The Abominable Snowmonster will be there! Will you? I hope so. Here’s a lovely little article from Village Green about the show and about the great people running Studio B. Cheers my dears! Hope to see you there.  

Sip and Shop

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I love the idea of drinking wine and shopping. Actually, no scratch that. I love the idea of OTHER people drinking wine and shopping at my booth. No wait. Would it be better if people purchased my work sobertly and with a clear head? Well, a clear head might be a long shot. In this frazzled day and age who has one of those! Okay scratch all of this. Just

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New Series of Work – In the Drawing Room

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This piece is part of a new series that I’m making. This one is titled Keeping Secrets. It’s a mixture of collage, acrylic paint and some snippets of writing that I’ve done. It’s set in an English drawing room and the conversation here is between a woman, who really doesn’t want to be there and a rather boarish man that attempts a conversation.