Sip and Shop

Chrissy/ October 17, 2015/ Art, Blog/ 0 comments

I love the idea of drinking wine and shopping. Actually, no scratch that. I love the idea of OTHER people drinking wine and shopping at my booth. No wait. Would it be better if people purchased my work sobertly and with a clear head? Well, a clear head might be a long shot. In this frazzled day and age who

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Work In Progress – Blue Bird

Chrissy/ April 30, 2015/ Art, Blog/ 0 comments

I’m not entirely sure where this piece is going. I started it a while ago and then picked it up again recently and just about finished the bird. There is a little detail work left. But I need to figure out the rest of his home. What you don’t see in this photo is that this bird occupies a small

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Work In Progress – The Blue Door

Chrissy/ April 29, 2015/ Art, Blog/ 0 comments

One thing that I always find a little bizarre/interesting about England is that most people don’t have front door knobs. “What?” you say. “How do they get in their homes?” Well, from my intense investigative research, I can tell you – they use a key. Yes, it’s true. I can only speak from my experience, but on the front doors

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NY Art Expo 2015

Chrissy/ April 26, 2015/ Art, Blog/ 0 comments

I’m so excited that I was asked to be a part of the NY Art Expo this year. I am represented by the Bernard Solco Gallery and I am in excellent company there. The show is absolutely incredible. I’ve met artists from all over the world and I’m so completely inspired. I can’t wait to get into the studio. 

Work in Progress – Dog Portrait

Chrissy/ July 23, 2013/ Art/ 0 comments

Working in collage is a lesson in patience – at least the way I’m doing it. This is portrait of my dog that I’m making with squares of magazine images. The images are cut up into such small pieces that they don’t actually represent anything other than a color and some texture. I enjoy breaking them down and using them

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